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Current most critical bugs

  • Bug 193908: There must be a way to tell the worker thread to stop when the GUI is being closed.
  • Bug 204323: Support for remote locations must be implemented (shouldn't be too hard).

Ark Plans

KDE 4.4

See the feature plan for KDE 4.4.

  • Add visual feedback for the operations in the status bar
  • Add a proper way to display a notice to the user when autosubfolder is enabled in the extraction dialog
  • Make single/double-clicking an entry open the file in the default launcher instead of using the internal previewer (which shall become a context menu option)
  • proper cancel support and no crash if closed during exctraction
  • letting a plugin try to open something and possible fail, basically rework the plugin management
  • more GUI means a settings dialog for example. I also would like to share more functionality with dolphin as we discussed once (other view modes etc)
  • finish AddDialog
  • general code cleanup and api doxyfication

Personal TODOs


  • Formalize the dbus communication protocol and implement it in dolphin
  • BUG: After opening file from web, automatic subfolder detection name is confused
  • BUG: extractiondialog is confused by "/" in subfolder name
  • Check if we want the two last patches in bug #155220
  • Revert the single folder label

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