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Ark Plans

KDE 4.4

See the feature plan for KDE 4.4.

  • Add a proper way to display a notice to the user when autosubfolder is enabled in the extraction dialog
  • Make single/double-clicking an entry open the file in the default launcher instead of using the internal previewer (which shall become a context menu option)

Personal TODOs


  • Formalize the dbus communication protocol and implement it in dolphin
  • BUG: After opening file from web, automatic subfolder detection name is confused
  • BUG: extractiondialog is confused by "/" in subfolder name
  • Check if we want the two last patches in bug #155220
  • Revert the single folder label


Some use cases for commandline options

  • Extracting a single file into the current directory, automatically creating a subfolder

ark --batch --autosubfolder lala.tar.gz

  • Same, with a dialog

ark --batch --autosubfolder --dialog lala.tar.gz

  • Extract lots of archives into a single directory

ark --batch --destination /tmp lala1.zip lala2.tar lala3.rar

  • Same, but use a subfolder

ark --batch --destination /tmp --subfolder mystuff lala1.zip lala2.tar lala3.rar

  • Extract lots of archives into separate directories

ark --batch --destination /tmp --autosubfolder lala1.zip lala2.tar lala3.rar

  • Into a single subfolder

ark --batch --subfolder lala.tar.gz

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