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The module kdeutils is a compilation of various desktop utilities.



noframe Ark Archiving tool
noframe kcalc Scientific calculator
noframe kcharselect Select special characters from any fonts and put them into the clipboard.
noframe kdf Like 'df', a graphical free disk space viewer.
noframe kdelirc A lirc frontend for kde
noframe kfloppy Format a floppy disk with this program.
noframe kgpg Graphical GPG frontend.
noframe ktimer Execute programs after some time.
noframe kwallet KDE wallet management tool
noframe ksecretsservice KDE secrets management infrastructure, aiming to replace KDE wallet
noframe printer-applet A system tray utility that shows current print jobs, shows printer warnings and errors and shows when printers that have been plugged in for the first time are being auto-configured by hal-cups-utils.
noframe SuperKaramba Version of Karamba with python scripting
noframe sweeper Cleans unwanted traces the user leaves on the system.

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