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== About kdeutils ==
The module kdeutils is a compilation of various desktop utilities.
== Resources ==
*[http://utils.kde.org/ Homepage of the KDE Utilities]
*[mailto:[email protected] [email protected]] mailing list (for developers): [https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-utils-devel subscribe], [http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-utils-devel&r=1&w=2 archives]
== Utilities ==
=== [[Projects/Utils/Ark|Ark]] ===
Archiving tool
=== kcalc ===
Scientific calculator
=== kcharselect ===
Select special characters from any fonts and put them into the clipboard.
=== kdessh ===
<!-- [[Image:kdessh-logo.svg|noframe|right|40px]] -->
Front end to ssh
=== kdf ===
Like 'df', a graphical free disk space viewer.
=== [[Projects/Utils/kdelirc|kdelirc]] ===
A lirc frontend for kde
=== kfloppy ===
Format a floppy disk with this program.
=== kgpg ===
Graphical GPG frontend.
=== ktimer ===
Execute programs after some time.
=== kwallet ===
KDE wallet management tool
* [[Projects/Utils/kwallet|Developer information]]
=== okteta ===
Binary file editor
=== printer-applet ===
A system tray utility that shows current print jobs, shows printer warnings and errors and shows when printers that have been plugged in for the first time are being auto-configured by hal-cups-utils.
=== SuperKaramba ===
Version of Karamba with python scripting
* [[Projects/Utils/SuperKaramba|SuperKaramba]]
=== sweeper ===
Cleans unwanted traces the user leaves on the system.

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