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What do we do well, and what do we need to work on, to avoid duplication of work, and keep users understanding how to use our product


Plasmoids and windows

How do we keep people knowing if they are using a tear-out widget, or a plasmoid, or a panel, or a window, or a tool-tip, or a notification

Buttons & hyperlinks vs mouse over vs danger items

Icons in a filemanager represent a file, and activiation may harm the system, so double-click has been a common way to open them.

Single click, hyperlinks must be safe, typically give indication by cursor change, or color change

Single click buttons must be safe / require confirmation before doing something dangerous

System Settings does not honor this, and is confusing because it requires double clicking to open a safe item when double click in file manager is on.

Global vs Local settings

Configuration becomes non-trivial when each program has local over-ride of a global setting, however, we should be consistent in providing these options to our users. This could all be done by the system so the work gets done once by kconfiguration, we could make it so every application that takes a global configuration, could be intercepted by the global configuration manager.

A person may want konqueror to always do things with single click, and dolphin to respect danger-item-activation

Pop ups vs pop-ins vs notifications

Most people seem to prefer pop-ins, There are a few important instances when to use pop-ups, and a few


Settings vs configure

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