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It happens almost every day — you edit some data in one application (like html file in KWrite), you view the results using another application (like Konqueror). So despite there is no relation between KWrite and Konqueror for this task, task you perform right now, those two applications are related. Would it be useful if those two applications work as one — a group?

Kpdf + group of KWrite and Konqueror

Let's say you launched Kpdf as well. Traditionally when you switch from Kpdf to KWrite Window Manager (WM) brings only KWrite to the front, so you have to bring to front Konqueror by yourself. This tiresome — with grouping, KWrite and Konqueror would act as one — you switch to group, all application are put in front.

Whenever you feel it would be more natural to put several applications as one group (because of the common task, or common data, or just for fun), NWI lets you do it — as tiles or as tabs.

What it is?

Grouped Applications Interface (GAI)

Tabbed Applications Interface (TAI)

Nested Windows Interface (NWI)



Default key bindings

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