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2009 Feb 21

seele will write a draft guideline proposal for moving the toolbar visibility option to View, and splitting the options in Window and removing Window. She will send it to the kde-core-devel and kde-usability mailing lists for comment before committing.

No progress, hopefully by the end of March.

Plasma team is working on system tray and will address the behavior issue

In progress, expected for 4.3

agateau is to look at some applications he was concerned with and propose merging smaller toolbars together


seele and agateau will look at the merges and create guidelines on how to create better toolbar groupings

In progress, depends on agateau's review

colomar and agateau will work on improving the toolbar configuration UI

Started discussions...

seele to contact jwhiting about GHNS

Spoke with jwhiting, said descriptions are fixed in SVN

colomar is working with agateau on the toolbar configuration UI and will use one of the patterns as a test, and see if they can develop a class for it.

No status update

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