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This is the planning page for KDE Usability Project meetings on #kde-usability on The purpose of the meetings is to Get Usability Stuff Done. These meetings are free for anyone to listen in on; however, they are mostly for designers and developers. For more information scroll and read About the Usability Meetings.

Next Meeting March 18 20UTC

The next meeting will be March 18 at 20UTC (21CET/15EST).

The theme for this meeting is Usability Bugs. Please add bugs (with link to bug) to the meeting agenda if you would like to discuss them.

Meeting Topics

Add meeting topics you would like to discuss. Not all of the topics will be able to be covered in a single meeting and so might be deferred until later. Please include your name/irc nick and a link to a project page or bug.

  1. KWin: Placement policy 'Remember' (Bug 15329)
  2. Dolphin/Konqueror: Select/enter newly created folder/file (Bug 155706)
  3. Keyboard's "Super" key doesn't launch Kickoff (Bug 154564)
  4. To which menu entry we should add icons, and to which one we shouldn't add icons. ( Possible UI case could by Qt application Kadu Instant Messenger: 1) , 2) , 3) , 4) [Too many icons] )
  5. Desktop Settings Dialog: Review its usability (Anne-Marie Mahfouf)
    1. Improve Desktop Theme: Customized (works with Desktop Theme Details kcm from System Settings)
    2. Add SlideShow effects options: where, how
  6. Amarok 2 general usability <-- Probably have a separate meeting for this

About the Usability Meetings=

We will discuss practical usability-related issues and attempt to reach reach a resolution. Usability topics which are too large or too broad may be too much to discuss in a single meeting and should be broken up into smaller issues or schedule a dedicated meeting.

Meetings are structured and attempt to follow a preset agenda. There is a meeting leader/moderator (probably seele) who will control the flow of discussion to help keep the meeting on track.

Meeting format is as follows: An agenda item will be presented, describing the problem and a proposed solution. If the item was suggested by someone in particular, they will be asked to provide additional information about the problem. Those in attendance will then be able to discuss the issues in the problem. The meeting moderator will attempt to keep the meeting on track of the topic.

Meetings are normally at 20UTC, alternating weekday and weekend days. Meetings will last no longer than 2 hours. If we do not get through the list in 2 hours, the topics will be covered in the next meeting. If we get through the list in < 2 hours and people are still responsive, we will possibly add an additional topic from the main meeting topics list if the people necessary for discussion are in attendance.

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