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This is the planning page for the first KDE Usability IRC Meeting in #kde-usability on

Next Meeting

Feb 21st 20 UTC

If you have a design, topic, or question you would like to discuss, please include it in the list. We may not be able to get through all the topics in one meeting.

Meeting Topics

  1. Menubar: Settings vs. More information on View Menu page. (CelesteLynPaul)
  2. Proposed guideline: "most applications should have only one toolbar" (Agateau)
  3. Desktop Settings Dialog: Review its usability (Anne-Marie Mahfouf)
    1. Improve Desktop Theme: Customized (works with Desktop Theme Details kcm from System Settings)
    2. Add SlideShow effects options: where, how
  4. Amarok 2 general usability
  5. default action of service icons
  6. KWin: Placement policy 'Remember' (Bug 15329)
  7. Dolphin/Konqueror: Select/enter newly created folder/file (Bug 155706)
  8. Keyboard's "Super" key doesn't launch Kickoff (Bug 154564)
  9. To which menu entry we should add icons, and to which one we shouldn't add icons. ( Possible UI case could by Qt application Kadu Instant Messenger: 1) , 2) , 3) , 4) [Too many icons] )

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