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Projects/Usability/KDE4.3 Defaults

Some ideas/recommendations for changes to defaults for 4.3

  • Toolbars
    • Global toolbar settings fixed. This may be due to bugs in applications and not the settings. In some apps, half of the toolbar icons will be configured correctly and the other half do not obey the configured option
    • Lock toolbars so they can't be dragged and moved
    • Tiny toolbar icons plus label beside icon
      • Icons only for certain applications such as KOffice (#icons on toolbar > label usability) and Konqueror (navigation controls are easily learned)
  • Close button on Konq tabs
  • Modified logout menu where only the selected option is listed (a la Kubuntu Intrepid)
  • Settings vs. View -- What goes in here?
  • Default window size
    • A number of applications need fixed (e.g. Ktorrent, System Monitor)

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