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A status bar is an area at the bottom of a primary window that displays information about the current window's state, background tasks, or other contextual information.

KDE applications should not use a conventional status bar by default in favor of maximized space for content [1].



Is this the right control

  • Omit the status bar in the main window to maximize vertical space for content.
    • Do not show meaningless information like 'Ready'.
    • Use a floating panel or tool-tips for short-term status information like full length text of links.
    • Move controls to the toolbar.
    • If you cannot find good replacements for status bar functions, please ask the usability team for support.
  • Do not display a status bar in secondary or internal windows.
  • If a status bar is really necessary in your application consider to use a toolbar with all customization features.


  • Do not use the status bars or any kind of replacement for crucial information. Users should never have to know what is in the status bar.
  • Do not use the status bar or any kind of replacement to display advisory messages in place of standard tool-tips.
  • Keep the status information plain; e.g. do not add icons.





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