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A toolbox provides convenient access to a set of actions and toggles through a set of small toolbar-like buttons. These tools are used to create or manipulate elements within the current document.
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[[Image: toolbox.png|A toolbox]]
== Guidelines ==
=== Toolbox appearance/behavior ===
* Provide only one toolbox for your application.
* Use a [[../SOU_Workspace/Toolbar/Docker|docker]] for the toolbox.
* Use the header "Tools".
* Make a toolbox two items wide by default.
=== Tool appearance/behavior ===
* Use only icons in the toolbox, assign a tooltip to each tool.
* Make the tools modal.
* Provide a simple selection tool and make it the default when the application is started.
* Don't use tools in a toolbox open other windows. Use the [[../SOU_Workspace/Toolbar|toolbar]] for those.

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