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Sometimes additional Information has to be given to the user to allow him/her to correctly use a widget/form/dialog or to warn of possibly harmful settings.
There are three ways to provide additional information in KDE4:
* Additional Text directly on the interface
* Tooltips
* The "What's this?"-Function (?-Icon)
===Additional UI-Text===
Use this method if
*most users are likely to need the information to correctly use a widget or a whole dialog/form
*the window in which it is displayed is not used regularly
*or if the user has to be warned of potentially harmful actions ''before'' using the widget
*If the note/instruction concerns the entire dialog or form, place it below it's title with at least one text-height of space above and below it. Display an information/warning-icon before the text
*If the note/instruction concerns a group of widgets, place it at the top of the group, but inside it's frame
*If the note/instruction concerns a single widget, place it above the widget. Place it closer to the widget concerned than to the one above to make the connection clear
[[Image:Info group.png|Example of supplemental information on a group of options]]
''Supplemental information (in this case a warning) given on a group of options''
Use this method if
*many users need the information, but only the first time they are using the dialog/form
*Users are unlikely to be hovering the cursor over the widget unless they are looking for additional information
*The description can be short (no more then 25 words)
===The "What's this?"-Function===
Use this method if
*only few users are likely to need the information
*or if users are likely to often hover the cursor over a widget, thus making tooltips annoying
*the description would be too long for a tooltip

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