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== Rich Lists: Rich Manipulation List ==
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=== Summary ===
A list of objects offering more detailed information and options to manipulate the objects, or make a selection for when a lot of information is needed.
=== Solution ===
''Rich Manipulation list with modal buttons, split buttons, collapsed and expanded items.''
All elements of a rich list (beyond the item's name) are optional and should only be used if necessary information for the user. The elements of the list are (from left to right):
* Right arrow icon indicating if additional information box is collapsed or expanded (only needed if additional information is available).
* Icon representing the item or a graphical preview. Icons or images are optional; be sure to use only if each item has a discrete icon/preview.
* Item name.
* Short description of item (below item name). Include a description that is more telling than the title. The maximum length is two lines of text.
* Additional information (below short description and hidden until item is expanded). A longer description or long meta information etc that is more than two lines of text. It is not advised to go beyond six lines of text.
* Action/Split button(s)
** If there are two related and mutually exclusive actions, display them in one modal button
** If there are two actions that are not mutually exclusive, use two action buttons
** If there are three or more actions that are not mutually exclusive, use a split button
** Action buttons execute the action immediately
=== Related Patterns ===
[[../Rich Lists|Rich Lists]]; [[../Rich Selection List|Rich Selection List]]

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