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This space is where information required for the KDE 4 HIG and Design Patterns is collected. See [http://season.openusability.org/projects/2008/hig|Season of Usability 2008 - KDE HIG]
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== Design Patterns ==
=== Edit Lists ===
* [[Projects/Usability/HIG/SOU_Workspace/Edit_List|Edit Lists]]
** [[Projects/Usability/HIG/SOU_Workspace/Picker|Picker dialog]]
** [[Projects/Usability/HIG/SOU_Workspace/Two_Lists|Two Lists with Arrow Buttons]]
=== Administer a Set of Objects ===
* [[Projects/Usability/HIG/SOU_Workspace/Administer_Objects_Final_Pattern|Administer Objects]]
* [[Projects/Usability/HIG/SOU_Workspace/Administer_Themes|Administer Themes]]
=== Rich List Editing ===
* [[Projects/Usability/HIG/SOU_Workspace/Rich_Lists|Rich Lists]]
** [[Projects/Usability/HIG/SOU_Workspace/Rich_Manipulation_List|Rich Manipulation Lists]]
**[[Projects/Usability/HIG/SOU_Workspace/Rich_Selection_List|Rich Selection Lists]]
== How to write Human Interface Guidelines ==
[[../SOU_Workspace/How to write KDE4 Human Interface Guidelines|HIG Howto]]
== Human Interface Guidelines ==
[[Projects/Usability/HIG/SOU_Workspace/Context_Menu|Context Menu]]
[[Projects/Usability/HIG/SOU_Workspace/menu_Button|Split Menu Button]]
[[../SOU_Workspace/Status Bar|Status Bar]]
[[../SOU_Workspace/Tool Box|Tool Box]]
[[../SOU_Workspace/Supplemental Information|Supplemental Information]]
[[../SOU_Workspace/Keyboard Shortcuts|Keyboard shortcuts (layed out as a wiki table)]]

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