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= Report problems =
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If you found an area that was unclear or is not even covered in our HIG, tell us about it. We can be reached on the [https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-guidelines kde-guidelines] mailing-list.
= Conventions =
Following is a set of guidelines to ensure the HIG itself is consistent.
== Terminology ==
* Use the word '''Control''', not '''Widget''' to refer to a user interface element. Rationale: "Control" is more widespread outside the UNIX community. It is also reasonable to expect more and more applications will be written using QtQuick and QtQuick controls in the future.
* Use '''check box''' and '''combo box''', not '''checkbox''' or '''combobox'''.
= TODO =
* Start page
** Figure out what to do of the legacy stuff (at the bottom of the page)
* kdehig repository
** Document how to use it
** Move it to KDE playground
** Integrate designer files from http://techbase.kde.org/File:HIG-UI-Files.tar.gz

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