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The Telepathy framework is a DBus specification which provides a cross-desktop and cross-protocol abstraction layer for instant messaging, voice/video over IP and collaborative applications. See the Telepathy web site for more information about Telepathy itself.

This project is focused on integrating Telepathy with KDE. Our high-level aims are the following:

  • to provide a unified instant messaging and voice/video communication framework within KDE, which integrates throughout the desktop experience.
  • to provide collaborative features in applications which fit seemlessly into the KDE platform
  • to provide the infrastructure within KDE necessary to acheive the above two, using cross-desktop specifications and implementations wherever possible.


This section contains details of all the Telepathy-in-KDE infrastructure components, and their statuses.

Telepathy Integration Daemon

This is a small light-weight daemon that monitors the Telepathy Account Manager and keeps ensures that all Accounts are recorded in Nepomuk as NCO:Contact instances of "myself" and that they each have a Telepathy Contacts Akonadi Resource instance.

It could possibly be made into a KDED module, but I'm not sure if this is a good idea. Grundleborg


The bare bones are implemented, but the Nepomuk part is blocking on standardising the Ontologies for telepathy specific stuff and how to access the "myself" PIMO:Person through Nepomuk. The Akonadi part is blocking on some connection managers actually supporting the o.fd.T.Connection.Interface.ContactInfo interface.

Source Code

Source code can be found in KDE svn at:


websvn link.

Telepathy Contacts Akonadi Resource

Presence Dataengine and Plasmoid

Account Management KCM

Telepathy Enabled Applications

Trying out Telepathy

How to Get Involved

Frequently Asked Questions

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