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==Telepathy KDE Integration Project Page==
{{Warning| The Telepathy-On-KDE project pages have moved to [http://community.kde.org/Real-Time_Communication_and_Collaboration community.kde.org/Telepathy]}}
[http://telepathy.freedesktop.org The Telepathy framework] is a DBus specification which provides a cross-desktop and cross-protocol abstraction layer for instant messaging, voice/video over IP and collaborative applications. See the [http://telepathy.freedesktop.org Telepathy web site] for more information about Telepathy itself.
This project is focused on integrating Telepathy with KDE. Our high-level aims are the following:
* to provide a unified instant messaging and voice/video communication framework within KDE, which integrates throughout the desktop experience.
* to provide collaborative features in applications which fit seemlessly into the KDE platform
* to provide the infrastructure within KDE necessary to acheive the above two, using cross-desktop specifications and implementations wherever possible.

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The Telepathy-On-KDE project pages have moved to community.kde.org/Telepathy

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