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===Account Management KCM===
===Account Management KCM===
==Telepathy Enabled Applications==
==Trying out Telepathy==
==How to Get Involved==
==Frequently Asked Questions==

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The Telepathy framework is a DBus specification which provides a cross-desktop and cross-protocol abstraction layer for instant messaging, voice/video over IP and collaborative applications. See the Telepathy web site for more information about Telepathy itself.

This project is focused on integrating Telepathy with KDE. Our high-level aims are the following:

  • to provide a unified instant messaging and voice/video communication framework within KDE, which integrates throughout the desktop experience.
  • to provide collaborative features in applications which fit seemlessly into the KDE platform
  • to provide the infrastructure within KDE necessary to acheive the above two, using cross-desktop specifications and implementations wherever possible.


This section contains details of all the Telepathy-in-KDE infrastructure components, and their statuses.

Telepathy Integration Daemon

Telepathy Contacts Akonadi Resource

Presence Dataengine and Plasmoid

Account Management KCM

Telepathy Enabled Applications

Trying out Telepathy

How to Get Involved

Frequently Asked Questions

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