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* CDDB Retrieval (none)
Missing docs see [[http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Documentation/KDE4#System_Settings]]
* File Associations is from 2003
* Input Actions: none
* KDE Resources: Help button enabled but it does nothing
* Nepomuk: none
* Service Manager: none
* Session Manager: doc from 2003
* Solid: Help button enabled but no doc
* KDM: to update
* Samba: Help button is enabled but does nothing - doc exists, to update

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This page displays the state of System Settings modules documentation: outdated documentation, missing documentation or up-to-date documentation.

Note: KHelpCenter needs to display System Settings help in a smarter way than it currently does in the list view on the left. Icons need to be assigned.

System Settings doc is still the KControl one. If a menu is included in System Settings, the kcontrol doc needs to be updated to be linked to this menu.

kcm modules docs


Missing docs see [[1]]


Missing docs see [[2]]

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