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General Issues

  • No support for Administrator Mode in modules
  • Hardcoded size and use of QScrollArea to prevent resizing on module load is worse than resizing
  • Hardcoded layout (100px wide items) breaks when larger fonts are used
  • The item model is always sorted alphabetically
  • No menu, not sure if this is intentional, there is some menu code in the program.
  • No application icon!
  • Krush bug reports

Design Documentation


These modules are currently displayed in System Settings

Category Subcategory Name kcmodule Icon BRs Comments Advanced
Computer Administration Y N
Date & Time clock Y N
Font Installer fontinst Y N
Keyboard & Mouse Y, no mouse N
Keyboard & Mouse Joystick joystick Y N
Keyboard & Mouse Keyboard keyboard Y N
Keyboard & Mouse Keyboard Shortcuts keys Y N
Keyboard & Mouse Mouse mouse Y N
Power Control energy Y N
Sound sound Y overall Phonon config, like old "Sound System" N
Category Subcategory Name kcmodule Icon BRs Comments Advanced
Look & Feel Y N
Appearance Y N
Appearance Colors colors Y N
Appearance Fonts fonts Y N
Appearance Icons icons Y N
Appearance Style style Y N
Appearance Theme Manager kthememanager Y N
Appearance Windows kwindecoration Y N
Desktop Y N
Desktop Desktop Effects kwincompositing Y N
Desktop Launch Feedback kcmlaunch Y N
Desktop Screen Saver screensaver Y N
Notifications Y N
Notifications System Bell bell Y N
Notifications System Notifications kcmnotify Y N
Splash Screen ksplashthememgr Y N
Window Behaviour kwinoptions Y N
Category Subcategory Name kcmodule Icon BRs Comments Advanced
Network & Connectivity generic N
Network Settings generic N
Network Settings Connection Preferences netpref generic N
Network Settings Proxy proxy generic N
Network Settings Service Discovery kcmkdnssd generic N
Sharing fileshare generic N
Category Subcategory Name kcmodule Icon BRs Comments Advanced
Personal Y N
About Me Y N
About Me Password & User Account kcm_useraccount Y N
About Me Paths desktoppath system-file-manager! N
Accessibility Y N
Accessibility Accessibility accessibility Y N
Accessibility Input Actions khotkeys keyboard, not gestures mentions DCOP N
Default Applications componentchooser Y N
Regional & Language Y N
Regional & Language Country/Region & Language language Y N
Regional & Language Keyboard Layout keyboard_layout Y N
Category Subcategory Name kcmodule Icon BRs Comments Advanced
Advanced User Settings Y Y
Autostart autostart Y Y
Service Manager kcmkded Y Y
Session Manager kcmsmserver Y Y
System Y Y
Login Manager kdm Y Y

Missing Modules

These modules are present in a default openSUSE KDE 3.5.8 but are not in KDE 4 System Settings. Their absence needs to be investigated and explained. When moving a module from Missing to the table above, please also add a component to System Settings in You can copy the details from the corresponding kcontrol component.

There are also some new-in-KDE4 configuration modules that are not in System Settings either, add these to this list.

  • Audio CDs
  • Background
  • Behaviour
  • CDDB Retrieval
  • Crypto
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Digital Camera
  • Display
  • File Associations
  • File Manager
  • GTK Styles and Fonts
  • IBM Thinkpad Laptop
  • KDE Performance
  • KDE Resources
  • KDE Wallet
  • Local Network Browsing
  • Multiple Desktops
  • Paired Bluetooth Devices
  • Password & User Account
  • Panels
  • Printers
  • Privacy
  • Remote Controls
  • Samba
  • Spell Checker
  • Splash Screen
  • Sony Vaio Laptop
  • Storage Media
  • Taskbar
  • Web Browser
  • Window Behaviour
  • Window-Specific Settings
  • Wireless Network

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