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General Issues

  • No support for Administrator Mode in modules
  • Hardcoded size and use of QScrollArea to prevent resizing on module load is worse than resizing
  • Hardcoded layout (100px wide items) breaks when larger fonts are used
  • The item model is always sorted alphabetically
  • No menu, not sure if this is intentional, there is some menu code in the program.
  • No application icon!
  • Krush bug reports

Design Documentation


Category Subcategory Name kcmodule Icon BRs Comments Advanced
Computer Administration Y N
Date & Time Y N
Font Installer Y N
Keyboard & Mouse Y, no mouse N
Keyboard & Mouse Joystick Y N
Keyboard & Mouse Keyboard Y N
Keyboard & Mouse Keyboard Shortcuts Y N
Keyboard & Mouse Mouse Y N
Power Control Y N
Sound Y overall Phonon config, like old "Sound System" N
Look & Feel Y N
Network & Connectivity generic N
Personal Y N
Advanced User Settings Y Y
System Y Y

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