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|Akarsh Simha
|Akarsh Simha
|[[Projects/Summer_of_Code/2009/Projects/VoIP_client_for_KDE_(revive_KCall)|VoIP client for KDE (revive KCall)]]
|[[User:gkiagia|George Kiagiadakis]]
|[[User:gkiagia|George Kiagiadakis]]
|George Goldberg
|George Goldberg

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The projects for 2009 have been selected! Congratulations to all our students who will be working on KDE for the Summer of Code.

The table below reflects the selected projects as seen on Google SoC Homepage:

Project Student Mentor
Fast Water and Gas Simulation in Step Christopher Ing Vladimir Kuznetsov
OSM Annotation for Marble Desktop Globe with an Optimised interface for smaller screens Andrew Manson Jens-Michael Hoffmann
Plasma Media Center Components Alessandro Diaferia Marco Martin
Improved Search and Virtual Folders for KDE4 Adam Kidder Sebastian Trüg
Static Code Visualisation in KDevelop Sandro S. Andrade Aleix Pol
Konqueror Bookmarks with Akonadi and Nepomuk Eduardo Robles David Faure
Basic tables support for KWord Elvis Stansvik Thomas Zander
SyncML Agent for Akonadi Sascha Peilicke Kevin Krammer
Visualizations in Phonon-based media-players Martin Sandsmark Ian Monroe
Window tabbing for KWin Jorge Mata Lucas Murray
Observation Planner for KStars Prakash Mohan Akarsh Simha
VoIP client for KDE (revive KCall) George Kiagiadakis George Goldberg
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