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Java backend for Kross



Kross is a scripting framework that allows a program to easily integrate support for multiple scripting languages. Currently Python, Ruby and KJS are supported.

This project aims to integrate Java as another supported scripting language. Java is among the most used programming languages according to various sources[1], so supporting Java in Kross opens a lot of potential for programs using Kross as a scripting backend. This affects among others popular applications as KOffice, KWord, Krita and SuperKaramba.

[1] for example Programming Language Usage Graph by François Labelle,


Create a Java backend for Kross. This will involve creating new code to the model of the existing modules for KJS, Python and Ruby. The code will have as much as possible (ideally full) documentation and unit test coverage.


Every application using Kross will transparently receive dynamic Java scripting support. Since Java is one of the major programming languages these days, it would allow lots of developers to start scripting with a familiar language.

Java comes with an extensive library of classes, which will then also be available to the program. Database access (JDBC), web server (Tomcat), RMI and networking, ... all become easily accessible for a wide variety of programs.


Developing happens in the KDE SVN. Basic things are starting to work while there stays still a lot of work.

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