Projects/Summer of Code/2007/Projects/KAider

Current state

Can be used for basic po file editing. Already has:

  • syntax highlighting
  • spellcheck (problems with dividing filter)
  • search-n-replace, ignoring accel marks
  • bookmarks
  • viewing difference between current msgid and previous one (i.e. msgid translation of which current msgstr really is -- for fuzzies generated with appr. gettext option)
  • mode for translations merging for editors (QA) screenshot
  • basic projectmanager functionality screenshot


After you set kde env up (compiling kdelibs is enough):

cd trunk
svn up playground/devtools/kaider
su kde-devel
mkdir playground/devtools/kaider/build
cd playground/devtools/kaider/build
cmakekde ..

as a root, run sshd and then from the usual shell:

ssh -XC [email protected]


  • project management -- 1-2 weeks
  • context glossary -- 0.5-1 week
  • translation DB (QtSql) -- 2 weeks
  • mode for merging translations for editors (QA) -- 1 week
  • scripting API + sipping on google translate for live glossary (kross) - 2 weeks
  • the remaining time is for perfection/polishing/small improvements and xliff+qt-linguist support

What i'm doing these days

  • initial glossary research
  • impovements on ProjectView (dbus, etc) and MergeView (merge actions)

Refactoring ideas

  • MetaCatalog
    • CatalogBase
      • GetttextCatalog
    • ProjectBase
      • GetttextProject

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