Projects/Summer of Code/2007/Projects

The projects for 2007 have been selected. The table below reflects the selected projects as seen on Google SoC Homepage:

Task Student Mentor
CMake support for KDevelop Aleix Pol Gonzalez Matt Rogers
Kalzium 3D Molecular Editor Marcus Hanwell Benoit Jacob
Painterly features for Krita Emanuele Tamponi Bart Coppens
Code-Completion and Navigation for KDevelop-4 David Nolden Roberto Raggi
KRDC (KDE Remote Desktop Connection) - UI Redesign and overall revamp Urs Wolfer Bradley John Hards
NEW: KOffice -- collaborative editing Igor Stepin Cyrille Berger
Implement Rulangage support in KDevelop4 Michaël Larouche Oleksandr Dymo
Kontact Journal/Blog Support Mike Arthur Cornelius Schumacher
SQL Code Generation and Enhanced Entity Relationship Models for Umbrello Shivasharan Rao Jonathan Riddell
KAider, computer-aided translation system Mykola Shaforostov Adriaan de Groot
Improve OpenDocument compatibility in KWord Ducroquet Pierre Sebastian Sauer
Implement OpenUsability's Context Sensitive Help Redesign Joshua Keel Ellen Reitmayr
KDEPrint UI redesign Rutger Claes Cristian Tibirna
Nepomuk-KDE integration Soloduhin Dmitriy Jos van den Oever
Strigi: chemistry and biology support Alexandr Goncearenco Egon Willighagen
GPS support for Marble virtual globe widget Andrew Manson Inge Wallin
Amarok: Model/View implementation and usability improvements for playlist Ian Monroe Seb Ruiz
New selection visualisations for Krita Sven Langkamp Casper Boemann
Kopete messenger plugin update Zhang Panyong Matt Rogers
Step: interactive physical simulator for education Vladimir Kuznetsov Carsten Niehaus
KWin -- Improved Xinerama Support Frederick Emmott Lubos Lunak
Amarok Web Services Integration Leonardo Franchi Seb Ruiz
Text-tool plugins for KOffice apps Fredy Yanardi Tomas Mecir
Generic models/views for all Akonadi-based applications Bruno Virlet Volker Krause
2D projection for Marble Carlos Manuel Licea Vázquez Torsten Rahn
Kommander Integration into kdevelop Matthias Wieser Kevin Krammer
Marble KML support and creating KPart. Murad Tagirov Torsten Rahn
KPilot enhancement Bertjan Broeksema Jason Kasper
Quanta: Upload Synchronisation Roland Knall Andras Mantia
Bluetooth Presence Manager (BtPM) and KDEBluetooth KDE4 port Juan González Aguilera Daniel Gollub
Python Support for KDevelop4 Piyush Verma Andreas Pakulat
Making KOrganizer look more like a paper-based calendar: theming improvements Loïc Corbasson Cornelius Schumacher
Music Notation support for KOffice Marijn Kruisselbrink Boudewijn Rempt
KDEPrint -- add support for LinuxPrinting's on-line drivers query Gavin Beatty Cristian Tibirna
Bridge the gap between KitchenSync and OpenSync Anirudh Ramesh Cornelius Schumacher
Java backend for Kross Vincent Verhoeven Sebastian Sauer
Improving the X RandrR extension support in KDE Gustavo Pichorim Boiko Lubos Lunak
Update Jabber support in Kopete Joshua Hodosh Olivier Goffart
Icon cache for KDE Rivo Laks Aaron Seigo
Portable Media Player Integration for KDE Andrew Fuller Kévin Ottens

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