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This page is an open list for ideas for the 2007 edition of Google Summer of Code. It will remain editable while the submission process is open.

This list is not exhaustive. It is just a collection of some ideas.

Before proceeding, please read the participation instructions. They are useful for students and developers alike.

Notes on editing this page

Please respect the distinction between sponsored ideas and non-sponsored ones: sponsored ideas are those for which a KDE mentor has stepped up. Do not change the ideas listed in that section of the page. If you have an idea but you don't want to be a mentor, add it to the non-sponsored idea list.

When making modifications to existing ideas, please consider whether you're changing it more fundamentally or just superficially. If your changes are substantial, you probably have an entirely new idea. Similarly, if your idea is modified and you feel it no longer reflects your original thought, please split the idea in two, restoring yours.

Please use the talk page if you want to discuss an idea.

Finally, do not delete ideas without a reason for doing so (like, for instance, being contrary to KDE ideals, being completely unrelated to KDE, being unfeasible, etc.) -- you may want to state in the talk page why you removed the idea.

Do not re-add ideas that were removed without discussing first with the developers of the target application

Past ideas

You may want to take a look at the ideas page for 2006. Some of the ideas there are still valid today.

Project ideas with mentors (sponsored ideas)

These ideas were added by KDE developers willing to be mentors. You can contact the mentors listed for more information or clarification, if needed. You need not submit the exact proposal listed here — feel free to use it as inspiration. Even if you do change the proposal, you may contact the mentors to get their input.

KDE Libs






KDE Base applications

Konqueror - web browser

Konqueror & Dolphin - file manager



KDE PIM libraries and applications


KDevelop & Quanta





Project ideas currently without mentors (non-sponsored ideas)

These ideas were contributed by our developers and users. They are sometimes vague or incomplete. If you wish to submit a proposal based on these ideas, you may wish to contact the developers and find out more about the particular suggestion you're looking at. If there is no specific contact given you can ask questions on the general KDE development list [email protected]

Feel free to contribute more ideas as well.

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