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These are the 24 projects chosen by Google and KDE for the first Summer of Code:

  1. Common scripting/plugin subsystem for Kontact - Kun Xi
  2. Framework and proof of concept of a write-time analysis of the value of a variable in C++ in the KDevelop UI - John Tapsell
  3. Fully integrated KDE NX Client - Christopher Cook
  4. To give Konqueror, the KDE Web Browser a complete XUL implementation - Philip Scott
  5. GTD (Getting Things Done) for Kontact - Rafał Rzepecki
  6. Implement support for OASIS XLIFF 1.1 in KBabel - Asgeir Frimannsson
  7. Implementation of HTML/CSS paged media in KHTML and Konqueror - Allan Sandfeld Jensen
  8. Improve computation engine of KSpread - Tomas Mecir
  9. Integration of VoIP/Video-Conferencing into Kontact/KDE - Malte Böhme
  10. Kamion — User State Migration Tool for KDE - Milan Mitrovic
  11. KDE Framework Addition: Koto - Iain Dooley
  12. KDE runtime observer: help to debug Qt/KDE applications by showing very easily runtime relations between objects: Signals, heritage, containment - David Moreno Montero
  13. KDE support for Eclipse - Oleksandr Dymo
  14. Label Browser: a new concept in desktop browsing - Ramakrishna.R
  15. Living KDE: an experimental idea of using Tag and search concept to organize user documents - Sachin Gupta
  16. A New Sidebar for Konqueror - John Doyle
  17. Nokey: an accessibility application designed to facilitate complete control of a computer using only the movement of the mouse pointer - Leo Spalteholz
  18. oKular - A powerful unified viewer application for KDE with a plugin system and backends for most popular formats - Piotr Szymanski
  19. PowerPoint import filter for KPresenter - Yolla Indria
  20. Speech recognition in KHotKeys - Olivier Goffart
  21. Spreadsheet Programming Interface for Sensor Networks - James Horey
  22. Visionary application - Project Knoware - Brian Beck
  23. Visual History for Konqueror - Dianfei Han
  24. Writing a KDE application not in C(++): onscreen keyboard utility written in the Java programming language and utilizing the KDE/Qt framework - Jack Lauritsen

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