In alphabetical order, these are metalworkers expected to be at Akademy 2010:

  • Alex Fiestas
  • Kevin Ottens
  • Michael Zanetti
  • Sebastian Kügler
  • Dario Freddi (remote)
  • Will Stephenson (remote)

Please also declare which days/timeslots you will be around: Doodle Meeting Planner

Topics For Discussion

  • Deprecating libsolidcontrol
    • Current state in bluetooth, network, power, etc.
    • Breaking out in tasks to get there
  • Narrowing/strengthening libsolid API
    • Finding features we duplicate from the Qt API itself
    • Finding (almost) unused or useless frontend interfaces
  • Adopt a backend session
  • Bluetooth integration in libsolid
  • Plans for 4.6
    • Bluetooth
    • Network
    • RemoteControl
    • PowerDevil
  • Building a maintenance team
  • if people can be available via audio conferencing
    • (Paulo) GSoC2010, UPnP support in libsolid
  • KDE Hardware wiki

Workshop, get your hands dirty

Kevin can show you how to get started in writing your own libsolid backend. A mini-hackfest for that could be nice. Put your name in front of a backend to adopt it:

  • Alsa
  • BlueZ
  • fstab/mtab, network shares only
  • UDev, for "other" devices (camera, mediaplayer, etc.) (Dario: I can help in the creation, but I'd like somebody else to step up as a maintainer)
  • UDisks
  • UPnP (Paulo, Friedrich)
  • UPower (Dario)

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