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Project Silk

Notes from meeting 9 July 2009

The basic aim of project silk is to deeply integrate online content into the desktop user experience.


This will be a library containing utility classes for integrating online content and services into KDE. Here are some ideas of things it could contain:

  • MediaWiki Query class
  • WebSlice widget
  • Web identity configuration manager
    • Controls the settings for microblogging, blogging, facebook, google.
  • SOAP API (useful for corporate web apis)
  • Bookmark access (via akonadi)
  • Web page thumbnailer
  • Web page meta data API (with previews)
  • Web page nepomuk integration
  • Base class for implementing REST apis with site-specific implementations
  • Wikipedia krunner
  • Monitor webpages + change notifications
  • Useful info on the youtube api http://techblog.ironfroggy.com/2009/07/how-to-use-youtube-data-api.html

What the user gets

  • Public transport
  • Online news
  • Online shopping (Amazon API)
  • Geoweb: Where are we?
    • What's here? Categories: Culture, shopping, food and drink, friends near here, weather forecast, public transport, translation, wikitravel, localphone, ATM, hotels (with booking), local phone numbers (taxi, police, doctors, tourist info, sports (passive, active), social activities (local church, etc.) nearby internet access.
      • Food support could know of dietry requirements
    • Local translations
  • All this with the ability to feedback
  • I'm going to visit XYZ, cache me all the data I need and create a printable overview.
  • Mobile phone tarrifs, dialing prefixes
  • Local prices - what does hotel, food, travel etc. cost here?
  • libocs (my location, nearby etc.)
  • CIA world fact book

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