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Project Silk

Notes from meeting 9 July 2009

The basic aim of project silk is to deeply integrate online content into the desktop user experience.


This will be a library containing utility classes for integrating online content and services into KDE. Here are some ideas of things it could contain:

  • MediaWiki Query class
  • WebSlice widget
  • Web identity configuration manager
    • Controls the settings for microblogging, blogging, facebook, google.
  • SOAP API (useful for corporate web apis)
  • Bookmark access (via akonadi)
  • Web page thumbnailer
  • Web page meta data API (with previews)
  • Web page nepomuk integration
  • Base class for implementing REST apis with site-specific implementations
  • Wikipedia krunner
  • Monitor webpages + change notifications

What the user gets

  • Public transport
  • Online news
  • Online shopping (Amazon API)
  • Geoweb: Where are we?
    • What's here? Categories: Culture, shopping, food and drink, friends near here, weather forecast, public transport, translation, wikitravel, localphone, ATM, hotels (with booking), local phone numbers (taxi, police,

doctors, tourist info_, sports (passive, active), social activities (local church, etc.) nearby internet access.

      • Food support could know of dietry requirements
    • Local translations
  • All this with the ability to feedback
  • I'm going to visit XYZ, cache me all the data I need and create a printable overview.
  • Mobile phone tarrifs, dialing prefixes
  • Local prices - what does hotel, food, travel etc. cost here?
  • libocs (my location, nearby etc.)
  • CIA world fact book

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