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The purpose of the KDE Release Team is to define and execute the official software releases of KDE.

The Release Team is responsible for setting release schedules for the official KDE releases. This includes release dates, deadlines for individual release steps and restrictions for code changes.

The Release Team coordinates release dates with the marketing and press efforts of KDE.

Please contact the Release Team by email or join our public mailing list.

Module Coordinators


Module coordinators perform the following duties:

  • primary point of contact for the Release Team concerning issues with the module
  • help determine release schedules
  • communicate release schedules with the module developers
  • provide feedback from developers to the Release Team
  • review new applications for inclusion in the module
  • review old, unmaintained applications for removal from the modules and help find new maintainers
  • review external dependencies for the module
  • help set and review goals for major and feature releases
  • help with release preparation (eg. update application version numbers)

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