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SVN is great, and KDE uses it as its primary source control system, although some use SVK on top of it or switch to git to gain distributed development capabilities. SVK is slow and contains some strange branching bugs, while git requires a different development methodology - therefore, let's assume that we're going to stay with SVN for quite a while. In light of these prospects, we should collect nasty SVN bugs to make the tool as good as possible. If we ever switch, we should then collect $SCM_OF_THE_WEEK bugs.

  • svn move: The SVN server sometimes chokes on that.
  • svn move: slow when moving large directories.
  • svn:externals: not possible on file level.
  • svn:externals: not possible for relative externals, i.e. not possible to use with different protocols.
  • svn commit: tells that checkout is out of date only after attempt to commit when local svn properties have changed

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