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In the following snippet, the variable $foo will have the wrong type mixed, instead of stdClass:
In the following snippet, the variable $foo will have the wrong type mixed, instead of stdClass:
<code php>
<syntaxhighlight lang="php">
function bar() {
function bar() {
   $bar = bar();
   $bar = bar();

Latest revision as of 20:59, 29 June 2011

This is a todo list for Quanta4

Php Language Support

Status Category Description Contact
DONE Parser Parser written using kdevelop-pg-qt Niko Sams <niko.sams@gmail.com>
TO DO Parser PHP 5.3 support (configurable) <->
IN PROGRESS DUChain DUChain generation Niko Sams <niko.sams@gmail.com>
DONE DUChain class declaration after class instantiation should work as in Php Niko Sams <niko.sams@gmail.com>
DONE DUChain static variables Niko Sams <niko.sams@gmail.com>
DONE DUChain final / abstract classes Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
DONE DUChain final / abstract methods Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
DONE DUChain adapt isDestructor/isConstructor to handle __destruct / __construct Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
DONE DUChain add type for PHP resources Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
DONE DUChain global variables: global keyword, $GLOBALS, $_GET Niko Sams <niko.sams@gmail.com>
DONE DUChain second parse pass when project opened - to find all types correctly Niko Sams <niko.sams@gmail.com>
IN PROGRESS DUChain try to improve performance of declaration- and usebuilder, esp. for large files Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
TO DO DUChain user configurable project dependencies on other projects/paths <->
TO DO DUChain http://www.icosaedro.it/phplint/phpdoc.html <->
DONE DUChain properly support magic constants: http://de3.php.net/language.constants.predefined

if possible show their value while hovering

Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
DONE DUChain add variable definitions for key/value in foreach statements Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>

IN PROGRESS Code Completion Niko Sams <niko.sams@gmail.com>
DONE Code Completion overloadable functions in class context Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
DONE Code Completion standard PHP keywords for current context (foreach, while, function, etc.) Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
TO DO Code Completion doxygen/phpdoc comment completion / skeleton generation <->
TO DO Code Completion completion for default entries of $_SERVER array <->
DONE Code Completion completion after require/include, similar to what cpp does after #include Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
DONE Code Completion only show visible methods (protected/private/public) Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
DONE Code Completion only show interfaces after "implements" Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
DONE Code Completion only show classes/interfaces after "extends" Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
DONE Code Completion only show Exceptions in "catch()" and after "throw" Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
DONE Code Completion filter abstract methods/classes Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
TO DO Code Completion mind type hinting for function argument completion <->
DONE Code Completion skeletons for while/do/for/foreach/switch/class/interface statements Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
TO DO Code Completion filter functions and variables that won't ever be able to return arrays in foreach completion (i.e. no array, no functions that return arrays or objects, no objects) <->
TO DO Code Completion group completion stuff by type, i.e. functions, classes, instances, keywords, etc. <->
TO DO Code Completion Create a global Context (imports all files of a project) that is imported in every context. That way findDeclarations(...) works across all files and we can drop that PersistentSymbolTable and CodeModel stuff <->
TO DO Code Completion create a phpdoc comment for functions / classes, see bug #95904 <->
TO DO Code Completion use PDTT tests http://wiki.eclipse.org/PDTT_-_PHP_5.3_Code_Assist_Tests <->
TO DO Code Completion don't do autocompletion in strings, except for callback types <->

IN PROGRESS Problem reporting Niko Sams <niko.sams@gmail.com>
DONE Problem reporting don't create problems for not found declarations - instead do it as Cpp does - so it is even configurable Niko Sams <niko.sams@gmail.com>
TO DO Problem reporting give reasonable error messages <->
TO DO Problem reporting validate declaration visibility <->
TO DO Problem reporting configurable: report unreachable code (i.e. after return) <->
TO DO Problem reporting configurable: variable assignment instead of bool check <->
TO DO Problem reporting don't build declarations/types/uses/contexts for erroneous declarations <->
DONE Problem reporting validate redeclarations, esp. classes, functions, methods etc. Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
TO DO Problem reporting respect "semantic error highlighting" option <->
DONE Problem reporting support different severities Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>

DONE Internal Php functions extract functions from php manual Niko Sams <niko.sams@gmail.com>
DONE Internal Php functions add superglobal variables ($_GET, ...) Niko Sams <niko.sams@gmail.com>
TO DO Internal Php functions configurable: ignore deprecated autoglobals like $argv, $HTTP_*_VARS <->
DONE Internal Php functions add @since for functions only avaliable in Php 5.3 Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>

TO DO CodeGeneration new Class with support for extends/implements <->
TO DO CodeGeneration file template with proper phpdoc/doxygen comment <->
TO DO CodeGeneration Assistant popup for creating missing include files <->

IN PROGRESS Semantic Highlighting <->
DONE Semantic Highlighting make colors of member variables

and esp. of "$this" consistent

Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
TO DO Semantic Highlighting highlight defines differently <->
TO DO Semantic Highlighting highlight local variables in global context like local variable in func context <->

IN PROGRESS Debugger Full-Featured Debugger (XDebug) Niko Sams <niko.sams@gmail.com>

TO DO Unit Tests refactor tests to reduce repeated code <->
TO DO Unit Tests introduce tests for problem reporting <->

IN PROGRESS Documentation integrate PHP.net documentation into KDevelop Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
DONE Documentation remote php.net integrated Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
IN PROGRESS Documentation integrate local copy of PHP.net documentation Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>

DONE Indenter write an indenter script based on the C-style indenter which does not work for PHP due to <?php...?> tags

Note: cstyle.js works fine for PHP

Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>

TO DO Assistant take a look on where to integrate the assistant architecture <->

TO DO Formatter Add a formatter plugin for the PHP beautifier <->

Fix PHP-related Quanta bugs (list of bugs containing "PHP" keyword in products: kate, kdevelop, kdevplatform, quanta)

Kate PHP Highlighting

There are some bugs in the general PHP highlighting for Kate and other KTextEditor components. Note: Make sure to fix it in all files which use PHP.

Status Category Description Contact
DONE keywords fix <?PHP ,i.e. capital PHP Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
DONE constants add missing magic constants, see http://de3.php.net/language.constants.predefined Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>


Various stuff we should investigate and probably cleanup one day. Listed here so I don't forget them:

  • make sure all iterators are const where possible
  • be krazy

Known Limitations

return-type in recursive functions

In the following snippet, the variable $foo will have the wrong type mixed, instead of stdClass:

function bar() {
  $bar = bar();
  return new stdClass;

You can workaround that, by adding a @param stdClass to the doccomment of the function.

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