Projects/Promo/Booth and Marketing Sprint 2009

This page is about the Booth Sprint 2009 and the Marketing Sprint 2009. We are aiming at a joint sprint location and date.


Stuttgart, Germany



November 13 to November 15 We will expect arrivals from Thursday 12th on and departures on Monday 16th. Of course this depends on convenience for each participant... (using

Booth Sprint


In general, everything related to booths (and promo). Feel free to suggest things you'd like to do as well.

  • posters and other booth artwork: how should KDE booths look like?
    • art format and font requirements for ordering large banners
  • booth box: what do we have, what do we need, does the booth box fulfill its purpose, what else can be improved, ...
    • subset for when giving presentations that has wireless usb pointer/clicker
  • discuss US boothbox with gary, blauzahl (alspehr on skype), or geiseri on skype
    • we have no permanent box or monitors
      • if we buy a box, we need to know if we will buy monitors or not before
    • is the hardware underpowered? or a good example that kde can run on an Atom?
    • issues with getting swag/etc from germany (not efficient use of postage!)
  • KDE showcase: an installation medium which is dedicated to showcase KDE (this already started at openSUSE conference)
  • documentation: make life easier by providing to-do lists and/or guidelines for booth setup, booth management, questions you have to answer, what to do when somebody is annoying about swag or in general...
  • discuss whether it'd be nice to give some swag to KDE contributors, esp at events. Minimal boothbox for eg South americas, india? See mail by ann-marie on october 17th to kde-promo.
  • stickers: have some that are easy to print for local groups, good for badges, kids, and laptops. The first two can be less durable stickers.
  • swag policy: Is it needed that we have t-shirts/etc at events? production, storage, transit become issues. Do we sell them at cost or to make a profit?
      • in usa, we gave some away (contributors, prospective sponsors, "partners", starving and enthusiastic users), and sold others at "suggested retail" -alex

Marketing sprint


  • Write text for a promotional booklet for (this is how the idea started, we need this for Praedeepto in India but these folders can/will come to Europe as well).
  • Flyers: there have been some cool "get involved" flyers on the promo list lately, however, what's missing is the kind of flyer that informs about KDE, about pim, about edu, etc. Probably the booklet above.
  • first content for release announcement and feature guide for 4.4 and creating a plan for the next few months to finish it properly.
    • how about adding a section on non-core apps (digikam/showfoto, amarok)?
  • move on rebranding:
    • text rewritten
    • about dialog for KDE (which still mentions K Desktop Environment) rewritten
    • dot story about rebranding.
    • we need a document to put up somewhere for people to look at now and in the future that provides the "kde is a team, it's an umbrella project, we create products, .." etc along with example phrases to use
  • preparing for the marketing around next Akademy
  • articles and procedures for the dot
  • improving to make it a better resource for presentations
    • encourage projects to take regular screenshots after major changes and give svn location to commit them to?
  • improving brainstorm
  • discuss how to get ppl involved, how to improve the webpages we have to guide people to contributing (eg bugsquad, art, documentation, coding).

On a more strategical level, there are:

  • entrenching and expanding the Be Free slogan as an umbrella concept that we continue to invest in and grow even further
  • decide how to merge the main topics we have: social, contextual, online services, etc.. into a single coherent set of thoughts that we can create messaging around
  • figure out our communication strategy / goal for 4.4 and 4.5
  • figure out if gnome 3 will meet their release deadline - and how we should be positioning ourselves as gnome goes through their turn of growing pains (ie: encouraging users to stay positive - our target is not gnome, it's the guy with 90% market share...) (we should congratulate the gnomies on 3 on the dot when it comes out)

The morning of the first day will be used for creating a realistic plan of what we want to accomplish.

www sprint


  • reworking the navigation structure of
  • improving the contents of (see rebranding above). Think about and This will be a lot of work!
  • moving pages from and * to wikis
  • working on a new start page for
  • final content for based on the content from the booklet mentioned earlier.


Accommodation will be taken care off, the below is only for planning purposes.

There is a service for bed&breakfasts and appartments in and around Stuttgart at The largest appartments they offer accomodate 8 people - though it seems the larger, the further outside of Stuttgart (but with decent public transportation).


As soon as we know the costs for each person, we will apply for reimbursement from the e.V. Each of the participants books their flight/tickets etc and sends a reimbursement form to the e.V. (

It is usually cheaper, when flying trans-Atlantic to fly to London or Paris first and then use Ryanair or another low cost carrier to get to the final destination. The English language wikipedia page suggests that there is a direct flight Atlanta to Stuttgart via Delta Airlines if anyone is looking that route.

There is an international airport in Stuttgart. However, it doesn't look like they have direct transatlantic flights. Luckily, there is a direct train connection going from right underneath the Frankfurt airport terminal to Stuttgart main station, which is most likely the easier and cheaper route.

You can check train connections on the website of Deutsche Bahn, the German railway company, at If you are arriving at Frankfurt Airport, you can use a direct connection to Stuttgart Main station. Enter "Frankfurt(Main)Flugh" and "Stuttgart Hbf" for start and end of your journey.

Interested in participating

Please add your name, whether you need accomodation and what your approximate travel costs are.

Name Acc. needed Arrival Departure Travel costs
Eckhart Wörner no always there EUR 0
Frank Karlitschek no

Frederik Gladhorn no always there, except Saturday EUR 0
Lydia Pintscher yes Thursday evening Monday morning ~40 Euro
Valerie Hoh no

Jörg Hoh no

Jos Poortvliet Yes Thursday 12:08 Monday 16:51 EUR 104
Stuart Jarvis Yes Thurs 2030 Monday 1550 EUR142
Justin Kirby Yes Fri 10:40am Mon 11:20am EUR 413
Kenny Duffus Yes (will arrange own for wed night) Wednesday 1420 Monday 1825 227.59 GBP
Cornelius Schumacher Yes Friday evening Sunday evening ~ 50 EUR
Claudia Rauch Yes Thurs evening Sunday afternoon ~ 130 EUR
Rainer Endres Yes Friday Sunday/Monday morning ~ 50 EUR
Aaron Seigo Yes Friday Probably Monday ~7-800 EUR?
Troy Yes Frankfurt, 1320h on Thursday Frankfurt, 1435h on Monday 537 EUR (flight only)
Ingo Malchow Yes Thursday Sunday/Monday morning ~ 80 EUR
Pradeepto Bhattacharya Yes not sure not sure ~ 540 EUR
Daniel Laidig no always there EUR 0
Alex Spehr no - skype alspehr for discussion about USA booth box no no none

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