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Projects/Promo/Booth and Marketing Sprint 2009

This page is about the Booth Sprint 2009 and the Marketing Sprint 2009. We are aiming at a joint sprint location and date.


Using http://doodle.com/kugq7vizs73uvhfw we have decided the location will be Stuttgart, Germany.


Using http://doodle.com/w92mtg9z6zqngx7d we have decided the Sprint will be from November 13 to November 15 (fri-sun) with the days before (Thursday 12th) and after (Monday 16th) arrival/departure dates. Of course this depends on convenience for each participant...

Booth Sprint


In general, everything related to booths (and promo). Feel free to suggest things you'd like to do as well.

  • flyers: there have been some cool "get involved" flyers on the promo list lately, however, what's missing is the kind of flyer that informs about KDE, about pim, about edu, etc.
  • posters and other booth artwork: how should KDE booths look like?
  • booth box: what do we have, what do we need, does the booth box fulfill its purpose, what else can be improved, ...
  • KDE showcase: an installation medium which is dedicated to showcase KDE (this already started at openSUSE conference)
  • documentation: make life easier by providing to-do lists and/or guidelines for booth setup, booth management, questions you have to answer, ...

Marketing sprint


Over the course of 3-5 days, a get-together of marketing people could come up with content and graphics for both the booklet and spread.kde.org (and probably design some posters and other promo material), while also discussing and preparing the KDE 4.4 release announcement and feature guide. We might even have a shot at doing some other kde.org work. And of course - drink beer!

The goal is both planning and coordinating but also explicitly to Get Things Done (TM). Specifically to generate content for the release, booklet and spread.kde.org.


Accommodation will be taken care off, the below is only for planning purposes.

There is a service for bed&breakfasts and appartments in and around Stuttgart at http://www.night-and-day.de/nightandday/en/OurRegions/Stuttgart/ The largest appartments they offer accomodate 8 people - though it seems the larger, the further outside of Stuttgart (but with decent public transportation).


  • unclear if the below is true or we take care of travel expenses automatically

Each takes care of his/her/other own travel, but of course you can apply for financial support from the KDE e.V. - it is what they are for, so do it if financial considerations make you sleep worse. kde.org/ev

Only a tip, but it is usually cheaper, when flying trans-Atlantic to fly to London or Paris first and then use Ryanair or another low cost carrier to get to the final destination. The English language wikipedia page suggests that there is a direct flight Atlanta to Stuttgart via Delta Airlines if anyone is looking that route.

There is an international airport in Stuttgart. However, it doesn't look like they have direct transatlantic flights. However, There is a direct train connection going from right underneath the Frankfurt airport terminal to Stuttgart main station, which is most likely the easier and cheaper route.

Interested in participating

Please add your name, whether you need accomodation and what your approximate travel costs are.

Name Acc. needed Travel costs
Eckhart Wörner no for Stuttgart, yes otherwise
Frank Karlitschek no for Stuttgart, yes otherwise
Frederik Gladhorn no for Stuttgart, yes otherwise
Lydia Pintscher yes
Mark Kretschmann unlikely if it is in Berlin
Myriam Schweingruber unlikely if it's in Berlin
Valerie Hoh no for Stuttgart, yes otherwise
Jörg Hoh no for Stuttgart, yes otherwise
Jos Poortvliet Yes E 80

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