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General Organisation


European Conference Organisation

European Conferences

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North American Conferences

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Conference Information

Booth Items

Booth Items

Working the Booth

To Say and Not to Say

"Hi, are you familiar with KDE?"

1. Figure out what the person's knowledge level is: whether they are a developer, an everyday user, a business-man, etc.

2. Find out how they use it: power-user, casually, in addition to a different desktop environment, etc.

3. With what versions of KDE are they familiar?

Structure around their responses to the aforementioned three points.

Talking Points

Talking points

Official terms for things

Formal Names for Things

Written Promo

Talking Points

Talking Points

KDE's Resumé

KDE's Resumé

Other Sources and Information

Encouraging Newbies

Happy Newbies

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