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==Talking Points==
==Talking Points==
[[/talking_points|Talking Points]]
[[/talking_points|Talking Points]]
==KDE's Resumé==
==KDE's Résumé==
[[/Resume|KDE's Resumé]]
[[/Resume|KDE's Résumé]]
=Other Sources and Information=
=Other Sources and Information=

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[edit] General Organisation

[edit] Conferences

[edit] European Conference Organisation

European Conferences

[edit] North American Conference Organization

North American Conferences

[edit] Other Conference Organisation

Other Conferences

[edit] Generic Checklists

[edit] Conference Information

[edit] Booth Items

Booth Items

[edit] Working the Booth

[edit] To Say and Not to Say

"Hi, are you familiar with KDE?"

1. Figure out what the person's knowledge level is: whether they are a developer, an everyday user, a business-man, etc.

2. Find out how they use it: power-user, casually, in addition to a different desktop environment, etc.

3. With what versions of KDE are they familiar?

Structure around their responses to the aforementioned three points.

[edit] Talking Points

Talking points

[edit] Official terms for things

Formal Names for Things

[edit] Written Promo

[edit] Talking Points

Talking Points

[edit] KDE's Résumé

KDE's Résumé

[edit] Other Sources and Information

[edit] Encouraging Newbies

Happy Newbies

[edit] Other places


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