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* Plasma::Storage
* Plasma::Storage
* Plasma wallpaper scripting
* Plasma wallpaper scripting
* focus and drag&drop issues

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Tokamak 4 Oxygen 3 2010

The fourth Tokamak Plasma Meeting and the third Oxygen Gathering will take place in Nuremberg, Germany on February 19th to 26th.


We will be hosted by Novell in the OpenSuse community space in Nuremberg. Details forthcoming.






Name Email Arrival Depart Cost Sponsor? Hotel? Food Work Airport Flights
Aaron Seigo aseigo@kde.org TBD TBD ~$1300? yes yes vegetarian Overall facilitation
Marco Martin notmart@gmail.com 19 26 ~100€ yes yes whatever whatever coding and else
Ivan Cukic ivan.cukic@kde.org 19.2 26.2 approx €250 yes yes whatever nepomuk activities merging, libfavorite...
Artur de Souza asouza@kde.org 19 26 ~1000 euros yes yes whatever coding, mobile, bug fixing, etc...
Nuno Pinheiro nuno@oxygen-icons.org 19 24 aprox 250€ yes yes whatever whatever artwork, mobile, planing, etc....
Chani chani@kde.org 19 26 ~$1300 yes yes vegetarian activity management / js / random bugs
Martin Gräßlin kde@martin-graesslin.com 19. 21. 0 no yes KWin on embedded devices
Lukas Appelhans l.appelhans@gmx.de 19. 21. ~150€ yes yes whatever Quicklaunch-Applet, KGet-Applets, Shaman/Aqpm-Applets, Raptor?
Frank Karlitschek karlitschek@kde.org TBD TBD TBD yes yes whatever Social Desktop
Dario Freddi drf@kde.org 19 TBD, probably 21-22 TBD, I suppose ~150-200€ yes yes whatever stuff that nobody wants to do, as usual
Riccardo Iaconelli riccardo@kde.org TBD, very probably 19 TBD, probably 24? (depends on school) TBD, I suppose ~150-200€ yes yes whatever plasmoids, art, ideas, fun :-)
Sebastian Kügler sebas@kde.org 19th probably 27th ~100€ yes yes whatever Power- and networkmanagement, web integration, PIM stuff
Davide Bettio davide.bettio@kdemail.net TBD, probably 19th TBD, I don't know TBD, I suppose ~150-200€ yes yes whatever TBD
Will Stephenson wstephenson@kde.org Local Local 0 no no whatever Keeping everyone else happy, networkmanagement N/A I can see the venue from my kitchen
Eugene Trounev eugene.trouenv@gmail.com 19-11:15 26-11:50 $1,126.97 CAD yes yes no meat. fish, eggs, and milk are OK various artowrk (like wallpapers), designs and more Nuremberg(NUE) In AC9268/Out AC9195
Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo@oxygen-icons.org TBD TBD Plain ticket, from NY. Not checked yet yes yes wathever Meeting people, drinking beers with Nuno, hacking
Igor Trindade Oliveira igor_trindade@yahoo.com.br 19 26 ~800 euros yes yes whatever coding, animations, netbook etc...
Frederik Gladhorn gladhorn@kde.org 19.2. 26.2. ~50 euros yes yes whatever opendesktop integration
Martin Zilz oore.mofux@gmx.de TBD (20.?) TBD (24.?) ~150 euros no yes whatever arts, ux, freaky out of the box stuff
Luboš Luňák l.lunak@suse.cz TBD (19.?) TBD (23.?) ~100 euros no? yes whatever KWin
Alexis Menard menard@kde.org 19 26 370 euros if not approved by Nokia no if approved yes whatever Plasma-Mobile and Qt Nuremberg(NUE)
Friedrich Kossebau kossebau@kde.org 19 26 max. 100 EUR yes yes whatever Plasmoids (one of): Timeline, Khalkhi (Porting to KDE4), Network devices
Adenilson Cavalcanti cavalcantii@gmail.com 20 25 ~800 euros yes yes carnivorous coding, animations, etc

Special Needs

  • Laptop/desktop for hacking with KDE trunk on it for: Lukas Appelhans


We will be focusing on the KDE SC 4.5 release of Plasma, with a particular attention on feature completion, polishing and quality improvements across the code base. Activities and Plasma Mobile will also be topics of interest.

Oxygen, finishing it up for 4.5 plans for the future.

Opening Day Presentations

Development Topics

  • ZUI replacement in plasma-desktop
  • Plasma Mobile
  • Plasma Media Center
  • Plasmate
  • Applet handles as plugins?
  • Moving the toolboxes out of libplasma
  • Plasma::Storage
  • Plasma wallpaper scripting
  • focus and drag&drop issues


Open Tokamak

On Saturday, we'll have an Open Day at Tokamak. Visitors are welcome to join us that day, and possibly for evening/night-time activities. On Saturday we'll also plan the presentations.

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