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Get the 26 bus towards Thon, get off at Thon (last stop).  Then get the 9 tram towards Doku-Zentrum.  Get off at Maxfeldstr.  The SUSE building is the large blue building on the right.
Get the 26 bus towards Thon, get off at Thon (last stop).  Then get the 9 tram towards Doku-Zentrum.  Get off at Maxfeldstr.  The SUSE building is the large blue building on the right.
====Rail station -> BFW====
Get the 9 tram towards Thon, get of at Thon, last stop.  Get the 22 bus towards Berufsförderungswerk (last stop).
====BFW -> Rail station====
====BFW -> Rail station====

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Tokamak 4 Oxygen 3 2010

The fourth Tokamak Plasma Meeting and the third Oxygen Gathering will take place in Nuremberg, Germany on February 19th to 26th.


We will be hosted by Novell in the openSUSE offices in Nuremberg. The community space includes a large meeting room with AV infrastructure, a cafe-style area and a hacking bar. And of course you benefit from being only metres away from the KDE SVN server.

SUSE Linux Products GmbH
Maxfeldstr. 5
90409 Nuernberg

The tram stop is where it says 'Pirckheimer Straße':



Accommodation has been organised in the Berufsförderungswerk Nuernberg (Nuremberg Professional Training College) and the youth hostel in the historic Imperial Stables in Nuremberg's castle! Echoes of Nove Hrady...

Accommodation Friday + Saturday

(change to #2/depart on Sunday)

Kossebau Friedrich
Gladhorn Fredrik
Appelhans Lukas
Gräßlin Martin
Kügler Sebastian
Cavalcanti Adenilson

are staying in

Hotel Astoria
Weidenkellerstraße 4
D - 90443 Nürnberg
Tel. +49 (0) 911 - 208505
Fax +49 (0) 911 - 243670
Email: [email protected]

Everyone else is in

Berufsförderungswerk Nürnberg gemeinnützige GmbH
Schleswiger Str. 101
90427 Nürnberg
phone +49 911 938-6

Accommodation Sunday to Friday

Jugendherberge Nürnberg
Burg 2
90403 Nürnberg
phone +49 911 230936-12


Tokamak 4 Location Map shows where things are. Note that the accommodation for the first 2 nights (Friday and Saturday) is not the same as for the rest of the week.


Nuremberg is easily reachable by air or by train. The nearest airports for intercontinental flights are Frankfurt and Munich, and Nuremberg is served from other European hubs such as Paris Charles De Gaulle and Amsterdam. Nuremberg is only a few hours by train from most of the rest of central Europe.

You can reach the SUSE office in 6 minutes by tram from the rail station by taking the number 8 tram towards 'Thon' from the tram interchange in front of the railway station, follow the square 'Tram' signs. Alight at 'Maxfeldstr' as shown on the signs inside the tram and go to the SUSE office at Maxfeldstr. 5.

From the airport, a taxi will cost 10-14 EUR and takes about 10 minutes. Alternatively, take the U2 metro from outside Arrivals (any train), alight at 'Rennweg', leave the station by the south exit (in the direction of travel, go to the tram stop in the middle of the road on your right as you exit the metro, and get the number 8 tram towards 'Thon' as above.

Public Transport

Nuernberg has a pretty good general public transport information site that covers bus, tram, local trains and underground/metro with some info in English: Nuernberg public transport information. A single journey costs 2EUR, a 10er strip costs 9.20EUR.

Airport -> BFW

You probably don't want to do this if you are tired after a long flight. Although it is short and easy you have to find the right stop for the 26 at the interchange at Thon. A taxi cab will be under 10EUR. About every half an hour until midnight:

Get the 32 bus towards Thon, get off at Thon (last stop). Then get the 26 bus towards Berufsförderungswerk (last stop). This drops you at the entrance to the BFW, take the side entrance to the Gaestehaus.

BFW -> Airport

Get the 26 bus towards Thon, get off at Thon (last stop). Then get the 32 bus towards Flughafen (the airport, the last stop).


Get the 26 bus towards Thon, get off at Thon (last stop). Then get the 9 tram towards Doku-Zentrum. Get off at Maxfeldstr. The SUSE building is the large blue building on the right.

BFW -> Rail station

Get the 26 bus towards Thon, get off at Thon (last stop). Then get the 9 tram towards Doku-Zentrum. Get off at Maxfeldstr. The SUSE building is the large blue building on the right.

SUSE (or Rail station) -> BFW

Get the 9 Tram towards Thon, get off at Thon (last stop). Then get the 26 bus towards Berufsförderungswerk (last stop). This drops you at the entrance to the BFW, take the side entrance to the Gaestehaus.

Airport -> Hotel Astoria

Get the U2 Underground (only one direction, Röthenbach). Get off at Opernhaus. Walk to Weidenkellerstr. 4 (see map above and hotel website).

Hotel Astoria -> Airport

Walk to Opernhaus underground, get the U2 Underground toward Flughafen (every 2nd train goes to the airport and have an aeroplane symbol on the destination board).

Astoria -> SUSE

Either print out the map and address, and walk through the city center (about 10 minutes), or get the U2 toward Flughafen or Ziegelstein, get off at Hauptbahnhof, follow the signs towards Tram at street level, get the 9 Tram towards Thon, get off at Maxfeldstr. The SUSE building is the large blue building on the right. (every 7 or 15 minutes until midnight, about 20 minutes)

SUSE -> Astoria

Get the 9 Tram towards Doku-Zentrum, change at Hauptbahnhof, get the U2 towards Röthenbach, get off at Opernhaus.

By Car

You have a navi, right? Or see the Novell directions. Address above, you can park in the basement garage, we'll get you a guest pass if you come to the office within opening hours, otherwise let Will know in advance.



Name Email Arrival Depart Cost Sponsor? Hotel? Food Work Airport Flights
Aaron Seigo [email protected] TBD TBD ~$1300? yes yes vegetarian Overall facilitation
Marco Martin [email protected] 19 26 93€ yes yes whatever whatever coding and else, Plasma mobile Nuremberg (NUE) In ABB8403 19:20 / Out ABB8403 08:35
Ivan Čukić [email protected] 19.2 26.2 approx €250 yes yes whatever nepomuk activities merging, libfavorite... Nuremberg (NUE) In LH3405, LH938 12:05 / Out LH943, LH3402 12:45
Artur de Souza [email protected] 20 26 ~1000 euros yes yes whatever coding, mobile, bug fixing, etc...
Nuno Pinheiro [email protected] 19 24 aprox 250€ yes yes whatever whatever artwork, mobile, planing, etc....
Chani [email protected] 19 (20:16) 26 (11:25) ~$1300 yes yes vegetarian activity management / js / random bugs In: train. Out: NUE Out: Delta 9500
Martin Gräßlin [email protected] 19. 21. 0 no yes KWin on embedded devices
Lukas Appelhans [email protected] 19. - 18:24 21. - 17:33 ~150€ yes yes whatever Quicklaunch-Applet, KGet-Applets, Shaman/Aqpm-Applets, Raptor?
Frank Karlitschek [email protected] 19 26 50EUR yes yes whatever Social Desktop
Dario Freddi [email protected] 19 22 ~150€ yes yes whatever stuff that nobody wants to do, as usual
Riccardo Iaconelli [email protected] 19 21 TBD, I suppose ~150-200€ yes yes whatever plasmoids, art, ideas, fun :-)
Sebastian Kügler [email protected] 19th 26th ~100€ yes yes whatever Power- and networkmanagement, web integration, PIM stuff
Davide Bettio [email protected] TBD, probably 19th TBD, I don't know TBD, I suppose ~150-200€ yes yes whatever TBD
Will Stephenson [email protected] Local Local 0 no no whatever Keeping everyone else happy, networkmanagement N/A I can see the venue from my kitchen
Eugene Trounev [email protected] 19-11:15 26-11:50 $1,126.97 CAD yes yes no meat. fish, eggs, and milk are OK various artowrk (like wallpapers), designs and more Nuremberg(NUE) In AC9268/Out AC9195
Igor Trindade Oliveira [email protected] 18 26 900 euros yes yes whatever coding, animations, netbook etc... Frankfurt In JJ8070, arrival 14hs
Frederik Gladhorn [email protected] 19.2. 26.2. ~50 euros yes yes whatever opendesktop integration
Martin Zilz [email protected] TBD (20.?) TBD (24.?) ~150 euros no yes whatever arts, ux, freaky out of the box stuff
Luboš Luňák [email protected] 19 23 ~100 euros no yes whatever KWin
Alexis Menard [email protected] 19 26 Approved by Nokia -> 0 no yes whatever Plasma-Mobile and Qt Nuremberg(NUE)
Friedrich Kossebau [email protected] 19. - 16:28 (train) 26. - 16:33 (train) max. 100 EUR yes yes whatever Plasmoids (one of): Timeline, Khalkhi (Porting to KDE4), Network devices
Adenilson Cavalcanti [email protected] 18 26 900 euros yes yes carnivorous coding, animations, etc Frankfurt In JJ8070, arrival 14hs
Richard Moore [email protected] 19 24 I'll pay for flight accommodation only yes yes please silky stuff, api review etc. NUE In LH4869, LH 0938. Out LH0939, LH4864
Sandro Andrade [email protected] 20th 1825 27th 0955 ~1000 euros yes yes preferably vegetarian plasmoids, data engines, and plasmate interest Nuremberg (NUE) In TP7784 / Out TP7795
Kevin Ottens [email protected] 19 26 ~200 euros yes yes no seafood mobile, api review, solid if times permit Nuremberg (NUE) In LH946 22:10 / Out LH929 14:45
Harald Fernengel [email protected] 20 20 0 euros yes no Qt on Maemo Q&A Train

Special Needs

  • Laptop/desktop for hacking with KDE trunk on it for: Lukas Appelhans
  • Helpful for hacking on the 3 Intel devices (not vital, but would preed thing up especially the ethernet adaptor):
    • usb hub (preferably powered)
    • usb-to-ethernet adaptor (unreliable drivers for the internal wifi)
    • extra storage/file transfer can be done with the ethernet adaptor of with microsd/thumbdrives
    • usb keyboards and mice would ease things a bit too since it supports them
  • For presentations a video camera would be nice, preferably with a remote microphone. (available in openSuse offices?). (It would be wonderful for those of us that cannot attend, so don't please don't forget us ;-) -sreich).


We will be focusing on the KDE SC 4.5 release of Plasma, with a particular attention on feature completion, polishing and quality improvements across the code base. Activities and Plasma Mobile will also be topics of interest.

Oxygen, finishing it up for 4.5 plans for the future.

Opening Day Presentations

  • Plasma mobile: State of art (Alexis)
  • Plasma netbook: State and road ahead - most important work still to be done (Marco Martin)
  • Context: [Details later] (Chani and Ivan)
  • Shaman - Bringing software management into the workspace and into 2010 [if time permits] (Dario and Lukas)
  • Oxygen what it was, what it will be?

Development Topics

  • ZUI replacement in plasma-desktop
  • Plasma Mobile
  • Plasma Netbook
  • Plasma Media Center
  • Plasmate
  • Applet handles as plugins?
  • Moving the toolboxes out of libplasma
  • Plasma::Storage (data, passwords, ..?)
  • Dataengines caching
  • Plasma wallpaper scripting
  • Focus and drag&drop issues
  • Store/load containment layouts
  • RTL
  • use of configChanged() in widgets
  • reusable widgets for groups of iconized items (like the entries in the taskbar)
  • guidelines (with code support) for consistent looking rows of different widgets (e.g. like with bars on the top of the screen, as known from mobiles' UI or the Mac UI)
  • Plasma OSD service
  • GSoC
  • http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Plasma/Plasmoid-Issues
  • application dashboards using View/Corona/Newspaper
  • window types, focus styles
  • screen edge management
  • Containment, Wallpaper, Mouse Action scripting?
  • welcome plasmoid, finally?
  • website authentication
  • continuing on with dejargonizing (inc kwin, with the use of "compositing" instead of "Desktop Efects", e.g.)
  • javascript test coverage

Breakout Groups

Starting on day two we will split up into small groups to focus on specific topics and challenges. The breakout group tracks will start with short presentations designed to share important information about the topic of interest to get everybody up to speed. A schedule for each of the presentations will be posted closer to the start of Tokamak 4.

Some people will stay with a specific track for the duration of Tokamak 4, but everyone is welcome to drift between the different breakout groups to bring their needs and ideas to bear.

Plasma Mobile

Plasma shells on devices with small screens and designed for mobility. The focus use case will be touch screen driven smartphones.
All week
Moblin SDK, Marco, Day 2
Maemo SDK, Alexis, Day 2
Nuno Pinheiro
Aaron Seigo
Eugene Trounev [it-s]

Context and Activities

The behind-the-scenes orchestration of environment-wide Context as well as the UI presentation of them (and/or their activities?) to the user
Ivan Čukić
Marco (as much as the mobile one permits)
Aaron Seigo


Desktop themes, widgets styles, window decorations, icons, coherent branding, sites, Plasma panels, how can we clean them?
What is next? Helium? Fixing kde app's UI's one by one?
All week
Nuno Pinheiro (19-24)
Nuno Pinheiro
Marco (as much as the mobile one permits)
Aaron Seigo
Eugene Trounev [it-s]


The present and future of the window manager component of the KDE Workspace.
All week
Areas In Which Plasma Desktop Should Get Out of the Way and KWin Should Step In, Aaron, Day ?
Nuno Pinheiro
Aaron Seigo
Eugene Trounev [it-s]

Application Menus

Sharing Application Menu specific code, Nepomuk integration, new menu structure (TOM?)
Ivan Čukić
Nuno Pinheiro
Eugene Trounev [it-s]


Saturday - thai buffet?

On Tuesday there will be a dinner sponsored by openSUSE at Herr Lenz restaurant

Thursday - End of Tokamak party at Downtown?

Open Tokamak

On Saturday, we'll have an Open Day at Tokamak. Visitors are welcome to join us that day, and possibly for evening/night-time activities. On Saturday we'll also plan the presentations, If there will be enough interests some talks could be redone/improvised for the public.

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