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Here you'll find details about the Tokamak3 Plasma meeting in Switzerland.

Disclaimer: This page is work in progress atm!!!

Plasma Meeting Tokamak 3 2009

The third Tokamak Plasma Meeting will take place in Randa, Switzerland on August 28 to September 5, 2009.


The meeting will take place in a Chalet in Randa. Randa is a small village in the middle of the Alpes surround by more the 30 mountains higher than 4000 meters. It's near to Zermatt, a very famous summer and winter tourist place.

There will be several rooms, hardware, wireless and wired LAN and a phenomenal surrounding. See here for some pictures of the house and the panorama.


Randa and Switzerland is in the middle of Europe and as this reachable from several directions. There are three possible airports:

  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Milano Malpensa, Italy

From these airports you'll take the trains to reach Randa (which takes approx. 3 hours). Information about the train schedules can be found on the webpage of the Swiss federal railways SFR.

Airport Zurich -> Randa

By train via Zurich and Visp (change the train there).

Airport Geneva -> Randa

By train via Visp (change the train there).

Airport Milano Malpensa -> Randa

By train via Visp (change the train there).


Name Email TimeOfArrical TimeOfDeparture Travel Cost Sponsorship needed? Accomodation Prospective work
Mario Fux 20090828 20090906 0EUR no n Organization
Your Name 20090w0x 20090y0z xy EUR yesorno n Your Topic

Accomodation possibilites:

  • 1 = single room
  • 2 = double room
  • x = several people in the same room
  • a = small appartement
  • t = tent
  • u = under the roof
  • n = no preference





BTW: Thanks SebastianTrueg for the template ;-).

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