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Just put your name (or nickname) in brackets near the task you want to claim. This will avoid the duplicate work. Thanks! =)

New tasks popped out in the meeting

  • Put the autostart functionality from KDesktop to ksmserver.
  • Merge the functionalities of ~/.kde/Autostart with ~/.kde/share/autostart
  • Complete runner classes in krunner
  • Integrate ksysguard's process table into krunner
  • What plasma will be able to do/what we do want from it:
    • Use a widget with background painting (e.g. fullscreen plasmoids).
    • Implement the zooming of objects.
    • Implement the grouping of objects in collections (with special containers).
  • See if QGV works well for ↑ (Unicode char for ^, arrow up). We will use it until the lasts days of march, then we will see how it worked. We will evaluate alternatives then (if not enough satisfied).
  • Create widgets aware of zooming, that won't continuously redraw themselves, but just at the end of the zooming animation (or something like that... use common sense ;-)
    • A label
    • A button
    • An svg visualizer
    • An html widget
    • A line/textedit (does it already exists?)

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