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If you want to claim a task, please put your name (or nickname, both is better) in brackets near the task you wish to claim. Please add it when you start working on it, and if you stop, please remove it, so we can know "who is working on what" and what tasks still needs to be started.

And, of course, this will avoid duplication of work. Thanks a lot! =)

This is a roughly sorted list of tasks that popped out during the meeting. We probably need to categorize it better, like seeing which task is blocker for which other, setting priority, split between "research" and "coding" and things like that. Still sounds like a premature thing though.

Deal with the last bits of KDesktop

  • Move the autostart functionality from KDesktop to ksmserver. (Stephan Kulow, coolo)
  • Merge the functionalities of ~/.kde/Autostart with ~/.kde/share/autostart (Stephan Kulow, coolo)


Major Bugs

  • figure out why Interface::display() sometimes doesn't result in the widget displaying


  • pull in options from kdesktop/minicli.cpp and merge into shell and app runners
  • ServiceRunner: better matching (case insensitivity, substring matching, performance, etc)
  • SessionRunner: connect QActions up, show users and sessions, etc
  • ShellRunner: parse the command line better so one can enter things like "ls -lR" and it will still know to activate
  • CalculatorRunner: complete (Baris)
  • Search Runner: use strigi
  • listen to async match updates (Interface:updateMatches())
  • determine how to order runner plugins for searching; categorization?
  • runners, runners and more runners! e.g. a kalkhi plugin...? (tagx)


  • abstract out the svg background part of Interface and have it subclass QDialog; then make screensaver/lock dialogs subclass that and therefore look a bit more sexy and consistent (Baris)
  • options slide drawer animation


  • Integrate ksysguard's process table into KRunner (John Tapsell, johnflux - Riccardo Iaconelli, ruphy - Esben Hanse, esben)
  • install D-Bus autoactivation service
  • javascript bindings to runner.h


This is what we are focusing on implementing right now:

  • RootWidget (the "desktop")
    • Controls box: an expand-on-mouse-over widget that sits on top of the graphicsview and provides discoverable access to zooming, jumping, configuration, adding of elements, locking ...? Perhaps raptor could come into play here? (Matt Williams, milliams)

  • Desktop class (QGrahpicsView subclass):
    • Implement configurable background painting. This can in part be ported from kdesktop.
    • Add form factor constraint to Desktop and have it pass that on to Plasma::Applets. in lib/plasma.h there is a Plasma::AppletConstraint enumeration; that should be used to denote whether an applet is free to size itself (e.g. it is on the desktop)
    • Add support for Plasma::ScreenEdge to Desktop
    • Implement the zooming of objects.
    • Implement the grouping of objects in collections (with special containers).
    • Saving and loading of layouts

  • DataEngine
    • Command line test utilities. (Aaron J. Seigo, aseigo)
    • Configuration parameters for engines

  • Applets
    • applet loading needs to be added, probably reusing the Add Applet dialog

currently in kicker

We also have:

  • Implement Zack's physical equations for animations

Nice to have:

  • Implement python bindings of Plasma

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