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This page documents the ongoing design for exposing Plasma::Services via Jolie's MetaService.

Triggering Service Exposure

  • How will the user trigger exposing a service?
  • Migrating plasmoids between instances of Plasma


When service exposure is triggered, Plasma::Service will:

  • Open a local listening socket using KLocalSocketServer
  • Generate a random token
  • Check if the Jolie MetaService is running and start it if it isn't
  • Contact the MetaService and send the operation descriptions, the token, the redirect definition and the socket path
  • It will wait for a given period of time for the MetaService to connect to the socket; the first message must contain the token
  • Once connected it will forward operation requests received using Sodep to createJob and then execute the job internally, forwarding the response back to the MetaService for routing back to the client


  • A Plasma::Service generic to the DataEngine API to expose any engine to MetaService?

Jolie MetaService

When contacted by a Plasma::Service, the MetaService will be responsible for turning the received operation descriptions into a Jolie script, redirecting the Jolie service to the Plasma::Service and connecting the to the local socket with the received token.

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