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==== libplasma ====
==== libplasma ====
* baz
* extenders
==== workspace ====
==== workspace ====

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If you clear a task, please write "Completed" near it. If you are still working on it, please put your name. Percentage of the work done is accepted.

Polish Tasks

Once tasks have been discussed on the mailing list, add them here so we can see what we've accomplished. :) Please don't discuss them on this page, though.

If you want to claim a task, please put your name (or nickname, both is better) in brackets near the task you wish to claim. Please add it when you start working on it, and if you stop, please remove it, so we can know "who is working on what" and what tasks still needs to be started.

And, of course, this will avoid duplication of work. Thanks a lot! =)

This is not meant to be a replacement for the feature list on the release schedules pages - this is for bugs and other such non-features.



  • foo


  • bar




  • extenders


  • drag and drop between panel/ desktop


  • systemtray
  • notifications

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