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The following list describe resizing problem for all tested plasmoids.

Some thougths

If not already specified, some guidelines should be taken to archieve an uniform behaviour. At least developers should be careful to the following points:

  1. When size has to be proportional (width and height)?
  2. How plasmoids with only an icon (or an icons list) should behave?
  3. When fonts should be scaled with the plasmoid and when not?
  4. Having multiple type of frames (mainly panels and Desktop views), some plasmoid needs to be painted differently according to the frame (a good example is the folder view plasmoids).
  5. A minimum size should be advisable to be set.


I don't know how is called the section of the frame which contains the buttons for rotate, resize, configure and remove the plasmoid. I've used the term "menu bar". Please change with the correct term if it exists.

The list

Activity Bar

  • Desktop: The gray element of the plasmoid has a minimum height. If you resize too much vertically, the gray element goes out the frame. If you resize horizontally, some arrows appear to move right or left but they haven't a real usefulness: the plasmoid is too much small. Then both vertical and horizontal minimum size could be assumed.
  • Panel: If the horizontal panel is made less high, the name of the Activity Bar is not centered and fade off as in Pager tabs elements. If the vertical panel is set, the name of the Activity Bar doesn't fade off as in Pager tabs elements.

Analogue Clock

  • Desktop: It works fine. If the plasmoid is made larger, the menu bar for resizing, rotating, settings and closing the plasmoid is larger than normal.
Frame control small.png
Frame control big.png
  • Panel: It works fine.

Application Launcher

  • Desktop: Vertical and horizontal resize shouldn't be proportional like in the panel: it's more useful free resizing.
  • Panel: It works fine, but when you enlarge the panel the icon doesn't resize: is it the desired behaviour?

Application Launcher Menu

  • Desktop: It hasn't a minimum size: it should be added.
  • Panel: When you enlarge the panel the icon doesn't resize: is it the desired behaviour?

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