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New System Tray Design


System tray icons generally fall into four categories:

  • Indicators of application status
  • Communications
  • System services
  • Hardware


A System Tray Icon will Have the following properties.

  • Icon
 - name
 - pixmap (possible size variants)
  • Tooltip
 - Headline
 - Subtext
 - Pixmap
  • Status
 - Passive (normal)
 - Active
 - Needs Attention
  • Interaction
 - Context menu
 - Activate
 - Wheel up/down


The interactions can be considered in terms of the 'Client' ie the icon itself, and the 'Host' eg. the system tray.



- i have a new pixmap

- i have a new status

the host will react to these, but with no guarantee of when - expect 500ms.


- activated


- tooltip data

- name

- pixmap

Draft of the D-Bus xml service description

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