For now x86 base factory, 11.2

Command line tool "osc" (try to get a not too old version) and build tool (for debian: For Suse install packages osc and build.

To get the project:

osc co KDE:Netbook

Build locally: osc build images i586 On debian the signature of the packages can not be verified, so I turned that off (needs to be fixed): osc build images i586 --no-verify --linksources

KIWI - creating a harddisk image

As base we use KDE Four Live.

The description what will be built in the end is in the .kiwi file.

Find it in your checkout in KDE:Netbook/plasma-image/

For more documentation about KIWI, see here:

On the website: we can configure whether to publish (expert flags).

The status of the build can be seen on the project page: there are some build repositories:

  • images: the kiwi image, that will be the iso
  • openSUSE_11.2: the open suse stable repo
  • openSUSE_Factory: the newer kde builds, when we want bleeding edge

The openSUSE repos are needed when we create custom packages.

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