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Kiosk Configuration Parameters

This page shall give you an breath overview, over the main variables which can be set in the plasma-appletsrc. They might be helpful for centralized configurations like Kiosk. The normal users DOES NOT need them in their daily business.

Coding of a Panel



This number indicates wheter a panel is locked (Value: 2) or if the panel is editable (Value:1 )
The value which is set with this variable describes the location of the containment on the desktop (eg. Value: 4, this indicates that the panel is at the bottom)
Type of plugin, in this example it is the definition of a panel for the plasma desktop
This variable indicates whether a plugin (in this case the panel) shall be always on top (Value: 1) or if overlapping is possible (Value: 0)

Coding a Plasmoid

Lets assume we integrated a plasmoid into our panel.

geometry X,Y,H,W
With this variable we tell the plasmoid at which place we can find it in the panel, it is set through the X-position, y-position. The following last 2 variables are the height and width for the icon, so that plasma can rescale it
This variable does not have the same function as it has in the panel containment definition, if the Value is 2 the Applets are NOT deletable, indeed their are moveable
Defining the type of plugin which should be integrated into the panel, eg. the launcher (KDE4 standard launcher), simplelauncher (KDE3 like launcher)

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