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* Complete documentation
* Complete documentation
* QMenu popups
* QMenu popups
* PopupApplet::setWidget
* mouse events on Plasmoid
* mouse events on Plasmoid
* QIcon bindings to iconWidget.icon = foo
* QIcon bindings to iconWidget.icon = foo

Latest revision as of 16:30, 28 February 2010


  • Web-of-trust for packages

Simplified JavaScript


  • XML parsing


  • Plasma::ToolTipManager
  • Expand/enrich config UI handling
  • Close off C++ DataEngines loopholes
  • Complete documentation
  • QMenu popups
  • mouse events on Plasmoid
  • QIcon bindings to iconWidget.icon = foo


  • Documentation


  • Documentation

WebKit Plasmoids

  • the context menu has things like "reload" which obviously don't work

properly. those items should be disabled.

  • there is the temporary file that is created to hold the style sheet. highly

inefficient; see the comments in PlasmaWebApplet::makeStylesheet() for my thoughts on this

  • documentation. who knew that there were calls to JavaScript functions called

themeChanged, init, dataUpdated and configChanged that can (and often are) made?

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